• sunset tour
    • November 20, 2018

    In this tour we drive you to the desert in the afternoon to watch the sunset, go sandboarding and take pictures of the beautiful desert.
    Optional :
    you can choose to have dinner under a sky full of stars.
    Also there is a complex in this area where you can do some other activities such as:
    Camel riding, Safari, ATV, Zip line
    Camel riding and ATV are highly recommended.
    This tour takes about 3 hours.

  • varzaneh tour 2 e1543490132225 675x375 - Salt lake-desert tour :
    • November 20, 2018

    We drive you to a salt lake which is 65 km away from the city. After enjoying the scenery,relaxing at the salt lake and drinking a cup of tea, we go to a desert with high sand hills for sandboarding and watching a beautiful sunset. On the way back to Varzaneh you can watch a sky full of stars.
    This tour takes about 5 hours.

  • camping tour varzaneh
    • November 20, 2018

    Have you ever watched the sky full of stars in the middle of a desert ? Where there is absolut silence and darkness so even the milky way is visible? In this tour we provide a tent, a blanket, wood for fire,water,light and any other stuff needed in a camp also we will make you a chicken BBQ for dinner and breakfast in the morning.

  • black montion tour
    • November 20, 2018

    There is a black mountain ( it used to be a volcano) close to Gavkhooni wetland only 30 km away from the city, where you can go hiking and see the big wetland from the top of the mountain. we arrange a taxi to make this advanture happen for you.

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